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Purchase a 3D Printed Assistive Device

The assistive devices below are designed to make basic tasks easier for those with dexterity challenges and are 3D printed in the library's makerspace, the Collaboratory. To request one, fill out the form below. You may also check out an assistive devices kit for 3 weeks from our Library of Things to try out any of the devices.

Prints may take 1-2 weeks. You will be notified via email when they are ready for pickup. Fees for the prints will be added to your library card. You may pay for the prints online via your account, or in person at a self-checkout station at the library.

Bag Carrier
Has a wide handle and three hooks to hold reusable and plastic bags.

Price: $4.08

Bottle Opener
Helps to remove twist tops from various bottles, including beverages and cleaning products.

Price: $1.86


Jar Opener
Makes opening jars with various sized lids easier.

Price: $4.44


Key Turner
Assists those with limited dexterity or other disabilities to use their keys. Requires minimal movement of the wrist and can accommodate various shapes and sizes of keys. 

Price: $0.78

Palm Pen
Makes it easier to grip writing utensils in various position for those who may have difficulty holding a pen, pencil, or other utensil directly.

Price: $1.68


Pen Ball
Assists individuals hold writing pens, pencils, and other writing utensils. The pen ball is held in hand with the pen inserted and fixed in place by a screw.

Price: $1.68 for small, $1.80 for medium


Signature Guide
Makes it easier to write a name, signature, or initials on a specific spot and is small enough to be carried in the average wallet.

Cost: $0.41