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Stream Movies & More With Your Library Card

Watch ad-free movies and TV shows on-demand on your TV, computer, or favorite device. All you need to get started is your library card.  Need a library card?


Use Hoopla to check out and read, watch, or listen to audiobooks, movies, tv shows, eBooks, comics, and music using your library card. Titles are always available, so there's never a wait. Because titles expire on their own, you don't have to worry about returning them. Want to learn more? Get video help

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Use Kanopy to stream critically-acclaimed movies, documentaries, foreign films, and more, including films from MGM, Lionsgate, and the Criterion Collection. Want to learn more? Get video help

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Naxos Music Library

Naxos is one of the most complete streaming services for classical, world, and jazz music. Naxos gives you access to over 144,400 CD-length recordings and 2,230,000 tracks, available for streaming and downloading. Log in with your library card number to experience their wide range of music at your computer or on your mobile device. Get video help

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