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Meeting Rooms

Reserve a Meeting Room

Meeting rooms can be reserved using our online reservation system up to two months in advance with a Northbrook Library card. Meeting rooms cannot be reserved over the phone or in person. If you need assistance with filling out the form, please visit the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor of the library or call 847-272-4873. Before making a reservation, please read our room rentals policy to understand our terms of use for our meeting rooms. 

Reserve a Meeting Room

Available Rooms

Civic Room

The Civic Room, located by the library's west entrance on the first floor, has a conference set-up with a large table that seats 14 people. Extra chairs can be added to hold up to 40 people.  

Pollak Room

Located on the first floor by the east entrance, the Pollak Room can be used as one large meeting room or split into two smaller rooms (Pollak Room A and Pollak Room B) that seat 50 people. When combined, the Pollak Room accommodates 100 people.

Interactive Classroom

The Interactive Classroom is located on the library's second floor. The Interactive Classroom can accommodate up to 32 people, depending on the setup.


At this time the Auditorium is for Library-sponsored programs only.

Study Rooms

We offer several small study rooms on the second floor. Learn more about our study rooms.

Requirements to Reserve a Meeting Room

Before making a reservation, please read our room rentals policy to understand our terms of use for our meeting rooms. 

  • Rooms may be reserved by individuals 18 years or older with a valid Northbrook Library card in good standing. Get a card.
  • That person must be present during the entire event.
  • A second signee age 18 or older with a valid Northbrook Library card in good standing may be added to the reservation, and the room reservation may be transferred to that person.
  • To preserve the confidentiality of the signee, the Library will only speak to the cardholder or alternate cardholder who reserved the room regarding the reservation

Group Reservations

We welcome groups to consider reserving one of our meeting rooms for meetings and training sessions. Rooms may be used for meetings that are educational, cultural, or civic in nature. Before making a reservation, please read our room rentals policy to understand our terms of use for our meeting rooms. 

Priority for any meeting room is given first to Library and Library sponsored or co-sponsored functions, including functions of the Northbrook Public Library Foundation. The room is then available for reservations to:

  • Friends of the Northbrook Public Library programs, meetings, or activities
  • Meetings of municipalities, agencies, or departments of local government located within the library boundaries
  • Meetings of organizations whose purposes are educational, cultural, or civic in nature and/or classified as a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3)
  • Businesses within the district boundaries in need of space to conduct a meeting.

Library meeting rooms may not be used for: 

  • The sale or promotion of commercial products or services, including informational or educational offerings held for the ultimate purpose of soliciting sales
  • Social meetings or private parties, including, but not limited to, birthday and graduation parties, and showers
  • Groups who have no members residing within the Northbrook Public Library boundaries
  • Religious worship services or proselytizing
  • Any illegal activities

Condo Associations

If the management company is located in Northbrook, you may apply for a business library card and reserve a room with that card. If you are not in Northbrook but have a resident of the condo who is willing to reserve the room and take full legal and financial responsibility, he or she may reserve the room. Please note that all correspondence will go to the card holder’s listed contact information and not to the management association, and the card holder must be present during the entire meeting.

Reservation Frequency, Timing, and Duration

An individual with a valid Northbrook Library card in good standing may book the rooms up to 18 times within a 12-month period. There is no restriction on the length of a reservation.

Meeting rooms may be booked up to 2 months in advance. Rooms must be booked a minimum of 1 day in advance.

The shortest time period is one half-hour; the longest time period varies based on the day:

  • Monday through Thursday: 9:15am-8:45pm
  • Friday: 9:15am-5:45pm
  • Saturday: 9:15am-4:45pm
  • Sunday: 1:15am-4:45pm

Fees and Fines

There is no cost to reserve a room; however, there are fees that may be incurred for the use of the room. The following are the fees associated with using the meeting rooms:

  • Piano Rental: $50.00
  • Extended Use of Meeting Room: $25 per each additional 15 minutes when the Library is open. If a room is not vacated at the agreed-upon time, the signee shall pay $25 for each additional 15 minutes of use of the room.
  • Room Occupancy after Library Closes: $100 fee if occupants are still in the room after the Library closed unless waived by Library Administration
  • Cancellation Fee: $100.00 if canceled with less than 24 hours notice
  • There is no fee for booking the room or using any of the other equipment
  • First-time offenses will be forgiven by the library.

Any fees associated with the rooms will be added to your library card and can be paid online through the My Account feature on our website by logging in with your library card or at the Circulation desk.

Food and Drink

Food is not permitted in the meeting rooms, but covered drinks are allowed throughout the library, including the Pollak Room, Civic Room, and Interactive Classroom.

Unfortunately, the cafe area on the first floor may not be used to set up food for meetings or groups.

Room Setups and Technology

When you reserve a room, you will be asked to choose from one of the predetermined setups for that room. We cannot accommodate custom setups.

When you book your room, you will also be able to select from a list of equipment that is available for patrons to use in the room. This includes technology like projectors, screens, and microphones, if available in that room.


You may request a baby grand piano in the Pollak Room. There is a $50 charge for using the piano.

Canceling a Reservation

Your original confirmation email for your room reservation contains a link to the cancelation form. You can also log in to our reservation system to cancel your reservation.

If you cancel your reservation less than 24 hours in advance, a $100 fee will be added to your library card.