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For Teachers

Class Visits and Book Talk Requests | Bus Drop-Off Info | Book Bag Request Form 

The Youth Services Department maintains an active interest in education and provides several special services to teachers. Teachers are also eligible to receive a library card through an approved intergovernmental agreement between the library and schools. Learn about getting a teacher card.


Class Visits and Book Talk Requests

We want to provide the best visit possible with the most comprehensive information. To ensure a successful visit, we ask that you notify us at least three weeks before your requested visit. This will help to ensure that we can gather and plan appropriate resources and information for your students.

Requests for class visits or book talks may be made in person, by telephone at 847-272-4300, or by e-mail at We will respond to your request within two business days,

Bus Drop-Off Information

Download a map of the drop-off location  |  Download driving instructions and map

When dropping off students at Northbrook Public Library:

  • Do not drive into the library’s parking lot. Drop off students at the wheelchair ramp just north of the library’s parking lot entrance (1215 Cedar Lane).
  • Head north on Cedar Lane so that you can pull up at the wheelchair ramp in front of the library without having to turn around.

To be facing the correct way for drop off:

  • If driving east on Cherry, turn right on Greenbriar, left on Center, and left on Cedar
  • If driving west on Cherry, drive past Cedar and turn left on Greenbriar, left on Center, and left on Cedar
  • If driving north or south on Shermer, take Walters heading west and then turn right on Cedar


Book Bag Request Form

Book bags are available upon request to preschool, school-age, and community service teachers, as well as to Northbrook library cardholders who are homeschooling or looking to extend learning for children at home. After you submit your form, we will let you know when your Book Bag is ready to pick up. If you have any questions, please call 847-272-4300 or email

Please note

  • Specific book titles and quantities may not always be available. 
  • To fulfill your request, we require at least three business days (Monday to Friday) between your request date and the planned pickup date.
  • If the books are not picked up within three days after we let you know they are ready, they will be re-shelved. If you require more time, please call 847-272-4300.
Please enter your first name.
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Please enter your email address and/or phone number.
Please let us know the name of your school. 
Let us know the grade level for the books you would like us to include
Which subject or subjects would you like us to include in the book bag?
How many books would you like us to include in the book bag?
Please select the type of books you would like us to include.
If there are specific titles that you would like us to include in the book bag, please let us know.
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