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Loan Periods, Fines & Fees

We do not charge overdue fines on checked out items. Learn more.

Although we do not collect a per-day fine for overdue items, due dates still apply.

After an item is two weeks overdue, your account will be blocked from any further checkouts until you return the item. The account block includes checking out items at the desk and self-check, as well as access to our digital downloads and databases. If an item is more than 45 days past due, you will need to either return it or pay the replacement cost to unlock your account. To help you return items on time, we can send you reminders by email. If you are not receiving email reminders, you can set this up in your library account

  • New and Lucky Day films can be checked out for 1 week. All other items* may be checked out for 3 weeks.  
  • All items will be eligible for 3 automatic renewals if other patrons do not have a hold on the item.
  • You can check out as many items as you want; there are no material limits. 
  • Holds on new items will only be available to Northbrook Library cardholders for their first three months in the collection.

Learn more about our checkout policies.

updated 4/04/20

Materials & Loan Periods

  • 21 days: Books, Audiobooks, Playaways Juvenile Bookpacks, Juvenile Audio Kits
  • 21 days: Boxed Set CDs, Juvenile Boxed Set CDs
  • 21 days: Boxed Set DVD/Blu-rays Juvenile Boxed Set DVD/Blu-rays 
  • 21 days: CDs, Juvenile CDs, Records
  • 21 days: DVD/Blu-ray 
  • 3 hours: iPad or MacBook (in-library) 
  • 21 days: Lucky Day Books*
  • 7 days: Lucky Day DVD/Blu-ray*, Lucky Day Juvenile DVD/Blu-ray* 
  • 21 days: Magazines
  • 21 days: STEAM kits
  • 21 days: NEW Audiobooks, New Fiction, Playaways, Non-Fiction Books, Large Type, Juvenile Fiction, Low Vision Assistive Devices
  • 21 days: NEW Boxed Set DVD/Blu-rays, NEW Juvenile Boxed Set DVD/Blu-rays 
  • 21 days: NEW CDs, Boxed Set CDs, Records (Includes NEW Juvenile CDs and Boxed Sets)
  • 7 days: NEW DVD/Blu-ray, NEW Juvenile DVD/Blu-ray
  • 21 days: Adult Board Games 
  • 21 days: NEW Video Games, Video Games, CD-ROMS, Roku Sticks
  • 21 days: Projector (Dual 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, Overhead, Slide), DVD/VCR Recorders

* The material cannot be renewed.​