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How to Submit a 3D Print

Please Note

We accept print requests from library cardholders, including from non-residents with a valid library card in our system.

Please read our Rules about 3D printing before emailing us your model. Only one STL or 3MF​ file per person may be submitted and in the queue at any time.

To submit a print, compose an email and include the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Your library card number
  3. Your preferred color, selected from the list on this page
  4. The dimensions of your object in millimeters
  5. Attach the STL or 3MF file of your design

Send your email to We will review your file and respond within 2 business days.

We charge $0.06 per gram of material used to print an object, including supports and rafts. An estimate will be calculated by the software used to prepare the file for printing and the estimate will be communicated to you prior to adding the print to the queue. You must agree to pay the final cost as determined by the actual weight of the object, including rafts and supports. The final cost will be added a fee to your library card.

It make take 1-2 weeks to complete your object, depending on the number of requests.

We will email you when your object is ready.

You may pick it up your print in front of the Collaboratory on the second floor.