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Violins of Hope

Violins of Hope

Violins of Hope Display at Northbrook Public Library

Violins of Hope is a private collection of lovingly restored violins, violas, and cellos played by Jewish musicians during the Holocaust.

In partnership with JCC Chicago, we were honored to display some of the remarkable instruments from the Violins of Hope collection at the library in May, June, and August of 2023.

Master violinists and makers Amnon and Avshalom (Avshi) Weinstein have spent the past 20 years collecting and lovingly restoring lovingly restored Holocaust-era violins and other stringed instruments, some with the Star of David on the back and others with names and dates inscribed in the instrument.

Their wish was to bring the instruments to the world to give voice to the victims and reinforce messages of hope, harmony, and humanity.

Avshi and Amnon continue to collect instruments and stories and travel the world to make sure their stories continue to be heard.

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